40 Days of Fasting

Happy Easter Weekend! Easter is such a wonderful time of year. Spring is starting, the sun is shining (well at least a couple days a week), and most of all it is a reminder of the debt that was paid for my life!!

Easter Inspiration Chalk


Since beginning college I have partaken in Lent a number of times. Generally I have chosen to fast from a type of food, usually sweets. However, this year I felt that given up sugar was a very superficial option. So when Kyle and I were discussing what we would give up we both decided to give up excess noise on our morning commutes. I decided to turn off the music/audiobooks and start my day with silence. Kyle chose to turn off the podcast and begin his day with the Daily Audio Bible.

I have to say that the 40 days went incredibly fast and each morning I have been very grateful for the silence. In all honesty, I have started to crave it. As a physical education teacher I am surrounded by constant noise: kids asking questions, the sound of my own voice teaching, music playing during a game, etc. I love people and I am about 99% extroverted but the nose just starts to drive me crazy.

The desire for silence has also started to creep into my running. It has been a long time since I enjoyed running without music (my first marathon). Generally I rely on audiobooks and the occasional song to carry me through. However, during my morning runs I have opted to leave the headphones at home, not wanting to put so much clutter into my head that early. This new development is starting to effect my afternoon/evening runs. A couple of miles into my run today I actually got tired of my book and took out my headphones. It was a nice surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed those 5 miles of silence (well I may have been talking to myself).

Let me leave you with a few inspiring Mother Teresa quotes about silence…


Rice Cooker Quinoa

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Happy Good Friday! I am literally sitting in the border line with my computer out typing this post. Due to it being Easter weekend there is no school in B.C. meaning every Canuck within driving distance of the border (which is basically every Canadian) decided it is a perfect day to take a trip across the line. Of course this happens every holiday however, it is rare for the border to be backed up 1/4 mile before 7am. So here I am trying to make most of my unexpected delay:)

I’ll be the first to admit that quinoa and I do not have a great relationship. Well that was until I finally googled “How to cook quinoa in a rice cooker?” So I was willing to try anything! And let me tell you the result was delicious and the effort level was about zero. I’d call that a win.

If you have been struggling to get your qunioa fluffy and full of flavor or if you are just looking for a super, super easy, no hassle way to cook quinoa this is the recipe for you!

What you need:

- Quinoa (I opted for sprouted and organic)

- A rice cooker

- Vegetable bouillon cube

- Water

Step 1: Rise Quinoa 

Thoroughly rise the qunioa. This is the most important step. Rinse , drain and repeat a few times.

Step 2: Rice cooker + Quinoa + Water + Bouillon Cube

Add 1 cup of quinoa + 2 cups of water (fresh – don’t used the water you used to rinse the quinoa) + 1 bouillon cube to the rice cooker and press start. Seriously it’s that easy.

Step 3: Enjoy a bowl of delicious fluffy quinoa 

Quinoa can be combined with a number of other foods for a delicious meal, here are my favorite options:

 *Combined with a Roasted  Buddha Bowl

 * Topped with my favorite veggies (cucumbers, avocado, peppers, chickpeas, etc) and a healthy dressing (like the one from the Buddha Bowl)

 * Use as a substitute for rice

What’s your favorite way to eat quinoa??? Please share…


Cabo {Itinerary}

Hello!!! Let me start off this post with this awesome video my hubby made of our trip to Cabo…

It has been two weeks since we went to Cabo to watch my brother, Jordan, and his friend, Nick, become Ironmen and I am already itching to book our trip for next year! I am dreaming of an all-inclusive in Eastern Mexico for much more than five days. But let me put future planning on hold and get the recap of our Cabo itinerary. Prior to leaving for Mexico, like I usually do, I scoured the internet for Cabo itinerary and budget posts.  I basically found nothing and was left with the goal of writing a few posts on these topics when I returned to the Great White North. Well here I am sitting in my Great White North living room finally getting down to business.

**This post is going to going to focus on our itinerary and future posts will be about budgeting and other Cabo travel details.**


{Airport – San Jose Del Cabo – The Office – Downton Cabo/Casa de Tres Hermanas}

Our trip actually started Wednesday night as we drove down to Seattle (and went on a wild search for a GoPro and accessories). We spent the night at a friend’s house (thanks, Chloe) and jetted off early Thursday morning.

Morning – Most of our morning was spent at 30,000 feet watching Catching Fire + Frozen and listening to audiobooks. We landed in San Jose del Cabo just before noon and waited for Jordan, Nathalie, and Nick to pick us up.

Afternoon – After finally connecting with our taxi we were off to San Jose del Cabo to the Ironman Race Expo. I have to say it was probably the most unimpressive expo I have been too. No samples or free stuff, there was hardly anything to buy! I think there were about 4 booths in total. We later found out this was very unIronman like.

Evening – Since it did not take long to wonder through the expo we only stayed in San Jose for a little bit and then we we headed over to Cabo San Lucas. We made our way to Medano Beach to get some food. We decided to eat right on the beach at The Office. I thought the food was yummy and the view was awesome. What more could you want then sand between your toes and the sound of spring breakers partying at the Mange Deck next door waves crashing in the background. To finish off our evening we settled into our house, Case de Tres Heremans, and walked around downtown Cabo.


{Pelican Beach – Lunch at Desperadoes + Chileno Bay  + Sunset Tour + Dinner at our Casa}

Morning - The night before we made plans to go kayaking from Medano Beach to the famous Arch and Lover’s Beach. Well when we got to the beach for our launch off, they informed us that we had been scammed. Not a major scam but enough to be annoying (Just remember also go directly through the tour/rental company). So instead of kayaking we took a water taxi over to see the Arch and go swimming. After a little tour of the rocks and beaches our driver, Lupe, dropped us off at Pelican Beach. Pelican Beach was easily my favorite spot the whole trip. Friday, we just swam with our goggles but Saturday and Monday we rented snorkel gear. Definitely rent or bring your own snorkel gear. Swim with the goggles were cool but nothing compared to snorkeling.

Afternoon – While Jordan and Nick went over to San Jose for a race meeting, we ate lunch at Desperadoes. Thanks to all the spring breakers still being in bed we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I thought the food was delicious! After eating we headed over to Chileno Bay to meet Jordan and Nick. Chileno Bay  is located in between San Jose and Cabo. It is a turtle habitat but unfortunately we did not see any turtles. Some of us swam and snorkeled while the rest of the group relaxed under the provided umbrellas. Snorkeling here would have been really cool if the water was calm. The waves were coming in too hard making the water very murky and difficult to see. Next time we are in Cabo we’ll have to give it another try earlier in the day.

Evening - We did a sunset tour of the the Arch and surrounding beaches. We set up a boat ride with Lupe and had him meet us at the Marina so it was easy for my grandparents to in and out of the boat. We road around for about an hour. It wasn’t a great night for a sunset but it was still a lovely ride. We ended the night a yummy home cooked meal and time in our mini pool and hot tub.


{Pelican Beach + Dinner at Los Tres Gallos}

Morning + Afternoon - We had one agenda on Saturday…Pelican Beach! We loved it so much the day before we had to come back for more. We packed a bag of beach essentials and snacks in the morning and hopped on a water taxi. This was probably the best day for snorkeling since we were there early and rented actual snorkel gear. Most of the video at the beginning of the post was Saturday at the beach.

Evening -  In celebration of the upcoming Ironman we all went out to eat at Los Tres Gallos. Nat, Jordan, and Nick had eaten there earlier in the week and loved it so much they wanted to bring the rest of us after we arrived. After a lovely meal half of us migrated over to a San Jose hotel for the big race the next day!


{Ironman Los Cabos}

All Day - Sunday was 100% dedicated to Jordan and Nick’s race. I’ll share the video one more time just in case you missed this post or this one. Also you can check out Jordan’s post about the race at his blog, Oh the Places You’ll Tri.


{Case de Tres Hermanas + Pelican Beach + Massages on the Beach + Maria Corona}

Morning - Our morning consisted of lazing around the house. Grandma, Grandpa, Kyle, and I hung out at the house while my parents, Aunt, and Uncle hauled people and bikes to the airport.

Afternoon - Kyle and I took my Mom and Aunt Karen out to our favorite spot, Pelican BeachSince we went later in the day the water was pretty choppy and no longer crystal clear. We were still able to see lots of fish. After our snorkel session we headed back to Medano Beach and got massages on the beach. $30 for a hour massage…on the beach…yes please. The massage was very relaxing, if only I had not been burned a few days earlier. Another note for next time, WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Evening - After a low-key day we headed out to eat. On a mission to find a top rated restaurant we ended up finding Maria Corona. Which turned out to be a delicious meal with a lovely atmosphere.


{SUP + Locos Tacos + Flying Home}

Morning - Since our flight was not until 5 pm we had a good amount of time to enjoy Cabo on our final day. After sending off my parents, grandparents, Aunt, and Uncle we headed to the beach to try out stand up paddle boarding (SUP). I have been wanting to SUP forever. Well actually I have been wanting to take a SUP yoga class. We had a good time but we went out about 30 minutes too late. If you try it out definitely be on the water by 8. Also, don’t be scared to haggle. We got the guy to knock some $$$ off.

Afternoon: After our SUP adventure we took a water taxi back to the Marina and found some food. After some wondering around downtown we came to Locos Tacos. It was cheap, quick, and yummy. A great last meal in Cabo. Once we were full of delicious Mexican food we walked home and got ready to return to rainy, dreary, overcast Beautiful British Columbia.

Evening: In the air from SJD – SEA, then in a car from Seattle to Abbotsford.

Our trip to Cabo was absolutely wonderful. The only downside was it was too short! We would go back in a heartbeat. We loved staying in a house since our party was so big but next time I would be very interested in staying at an all-inclusive. I hope this post helps you create an itinerary for your upcoming Cabo trip. Of course there are many other things to do and see (ATV, ziplines, horseback riding, jet skiings, fishing, surfing, etc…) but our goal was to relax and watch Jordan and Nick become Ironmen and that’s just what we did!